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Programs | Activities

Free Art-making Sessions @ Deep Roots (on hiatus)

Open Studio with Karen - @CVA (Current - Artist in Residence)

Art Talk/Community Painting Events

Black Women's Art Collective

Public Art Practice is a community service effort that seeks to liberate, encourage and affirm the creative spirit in all people.


I hosted 60 free art-making session + Open Studios between September 2019 and March 2020 at Deep Roots Market, and two art talk/community painting events @ the public library. In-person sessions are currently on hiatus, but I have continued to promote art + artists + creative expression via social media.  

As an artist who continues to learn and grow as a person as I practice art-making, I believe all people fundamentally have a creative spirit which deserves nurturing and expression. Public Art Practice's mission is to: 

  • liberate people's creative spirits

  • encourage creative expression and art-making out in the open, in everyday spaces

  • affirm everyone's ability to make beautiful, meaningful visual art

  • foster healthy, equitable communities 

  • promote + support the artistic abilities of communities underrepresented in the arts

  • advocate for the value of the arts and art-making as central parts of individual and community care

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